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Adding Custom Woodworking Elements
by Steve B on November 1st, 2013

Custom Woodworking Elements...Continued

Happy November Everybody,

Were wrapping up the close of the year with our continued series on custom woodworking elements that are possible with a little imagination and fun.

As illustrated in this months video, adding a handcarved (or machine carved) decorative element can rally add the extra "wow" factor that will attract attention.

It's also a fool proof way to add weight, dimension and texture to an otherwise flat piece of wood.  

These are perfect for custom mantles, archways, doorways, beams or cabinet uppers (smaller than above).   

More Custom Ideas...Doorways, Hidden Passages and Safe Room Info

Did You Know...
Continued from previous posts. 

Were not getting tired of our ongoing talk and column on building out a "safe room," or hidden man cave in your home.  (Yes it could be a Ladies Cave too...but we all know, that the rest of the house is managed and ruled by the Queens of the house).

Safe rooms in the basement can be built with concrete walls, a building technique that is normally not possible on the upper floors of wood-framed structures unless there is substantial structural reinforcement to the building.

The U.S. State Department often uses steel grillwork much like a jail to seal off parts of a home used by U.S. Foreign Service members overseas when they are living in cities with a high crime threat. In some cities the entire upstairs area is grilled off[1] as well as every window and door to the home. Other homes have steel doors to one or more bedrooms that can be bolted closed to provide time for security forces to arrive.

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